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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yes to the Dress.... but Please to the Freeze?

We are people. and when i say that, i mean it is in our nature to always want the latest..... and be curious about the odd....... like the new Zerona- aka fat freezer. It was created to slowly cool your waist, making you lose around 3 inches from the area. Seems like a dream...... but is it a good one?

MSNBC has the basic info. What corporation it comes from, and how it works. But looking further into the case, it sure seems like, although an easily grasped concept, the Zerona just doesn't isn't affordable for the average American.

Another website, Real Self- Zerona Reviews,  have some interesting information on it regarding this!

I think, rather than messing around with liposuction, etc. I will stick with regular gym time!

Basic Workout Info for Dummies  is a really is a good helper when it comes to telling about healthy workouts. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page gives a good start - Walking for 20 mintues. Turn on the TV if you are on a tread mill. Put on music. Twenty minutes can go by real fast if you try!


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