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Monday, September 13, 2010

Is it really food we eat? or just substance?

today there are so many foods to pick from, at relatively a cheap price. We do not even eat many "real" foods any more! Most of what we see and eat in our typical Wal mart or Giant Eagle or Piggly Wiggly is some gross lab creation made to look, smell, taste, and feel like the corn, strawberries, apricots, and poultry we want. 

My question to you: Do you consider something to be food if it is not made of the same properties as food? if a corn ear is not grown as a corn ear, but made from a genetically modified seed that is resistant to most all weeds, etc. is it still corn? Or does it become merely a substance for us to fill our selves with?

This documentary is not like an ordinary black and white documentary. It does attract your attention to the black and white cow that is being modified by chemicals and hormones to produce more milk and bigger amounts of beef....

is a place in connection with Frankferd Farms... an organic and whole foods distributor. Words like "genetically modified" or "GMO" are not found on their packaging. "Wholesome," "Organic," and "Local" are what is commonly used.

Rosary Acres is a little home run business stemming from Ligonier, Pennsylvania. The owners, Rick and Lisa Adams, offer and deliver only the best vegetables, fruits, meats, and breads.Currently, they personally deliver foods to places in Pittsburgh, Irwin, Donegal, Ligonier- to name a few! They also have local Amish goods, and supply chefs at different resturants.

Together with your Frankferd Farm order- by purchasing other goods the Adams' have for sale, you would decrease your "normal shopping routine" by as much as 90%!  Call today at get your seasonally grown foods- today :)

But what about eating out? Where and What to Eat   can help guide you to the healthy ways of life even while outside of your home.

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