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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Admittance does not always mean defeat.

Yes, I'll admit it. Girls can get a guy wraped around her finger as tight as she wants.


I promise guys are more powerful, by nature alone, than we give them credit for. It is never easy to resist the look of a guy who wants nothing more than to kiss you goodnight. As you know that, you give in.... it's just one. What could one do? One kiss is all it takes to have your life spiral out of your hands.

Some girls have too much going for them to have a bun in the oven at college, highschool, or even junior high. Some people get afraid to drive at first because they think "What if I forget where the brakes are?! I wont be able to stop!"  
That is why some girls have such strong moral set ups. Half is the morality factor, half is being terrified of where the brakes are.

hahah maybe im crazy. maybe im smart. im thinking it is a little combination of both. :)


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