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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things I want to do:

This includes, but is not limited to Italy, Germany, France, Poland (Krakow), Russia (St. Petersburg), Ireland (Dublin, and maybe biking along the River Liffy? haha) and perhaps Austria.... I have also wanted to go to California, Canada, and New York...
Learn to Ski... but not fall off the Ski Lift!
Show pugs
Go camping! 
Go watch a live figure skating competition
Learn to ice dance...... :)
Go to Bosnia, for a pilgrimage
Write a book based on.....something.....haha-- NOT a cookbook!
Marry, and have a family!

Well, that is quite the diverse list, yes? haha I like variety! What are your goals? Dreams? Traveling destinations? 

Not everyone can afford to do everything, all the time. That is how my family is.... but dreaming doesn't cost anything : and no one can tell you that you cannot do it. So, what is the first place you want to go?

The first person to write me a place... will be the place i look into for prices, and fun things to do... culture, etc.!

luggage bags and bell hops! <3

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