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Monday, November 22, 2010

As Sand Falls

As Sand Falls from the Hour Glass
I watch, half in awe- half in boredom
The end is incomprehensible,
But the time?.... it feels running short.
Sometimes the frame is frozen-
The Sand is corked.
But when it starts to fall again,
It leaves an empty feeling.
The glass may be half full,
But it can easily be felt as half empty,
Can it not be both
At the Same Time?
Can I know that the sand falls -
but one grain at a time,
and I learn something at the drop
of Each Grain?
Not one is wasted,
I have none to regret.
But everyone else's sand turns
Into the engulfing waters...
Mine keeps going-
it has yet to change for ever.
I wait to catch the right wave,
Waiting. . . still. . .
But i suppose there is some good
in proving the Patience of the Impatient
in being the Believer, the Optimist,
the Strong One, against the Mirage.
Nobility is commendable,
it feels Sensational in the day-
but in the Night that feeling of somewhat dolefulness
Creeps, Seeking to be repressed.
Training the mind to see only the good-
the Prevalence of optimism in my voice
Deep down i know is the art of Persuasion.
But whatever it takes to keep the happiness,
Reminding the crowd --
That there are enough stars in the sky...
Somehow, that is reassuring enough for me <3

Monday, November 15, 2010

There is a Someone for Everyone

H e a d O v e r H e e l s
LoVe aT FiRsT SiGhT
You Had Me At Hello
you're beautiful
et. cetera...............................................................


out of all of the things in the world, i believe that there is one person for everyone. 

i do not believe it is "situational" ..... whatever that means.

and i don't believe in things being temporary.... if you are meant to be together- you will be together.

you know what they say.......... l o v e f i n d s a w a y

sometimes that love needs time to grow- sometimes you try to make a shoe fit when you know it doesn't.

sometimes you think there isn't anyone left to be with.... everyone is used, broken, or not for you- but out of 6 billion... or more... people in the world, i am telling you right now there is the perfect man out there for you.

if you are not H e a d O v e r H e e l s in love with someone 99% of the time- you shouldn't be with them.

if you find that you are not attracted to the person you are with- it is also time to reevaluate.

if he says "You'll never find anyone like me " "I have things no one else has" "We both know that you letting me go means you losing everything... and we dont want that to happen"
    then your response is:

' THANK GOD! I hope i never find someone like you again!"

if he starts reminding you of all the "nice" "thoughtful" things he has ever done, remind yourself it probably wasnt out of love that he is telling you.....

if he pulls out the "i have always loved you but ive been burned by girls before and i dont want it to happen so i dont want to say i love you first...."

you remember that is is the guy's job as the gentlemen to put a hand over the flame first....

if he doesn't get it-

you can tell him you are SINGLE.   and if he still wont leave you alone- ambush him with paint ball guns. no- i kid.

( unless you want to.... then be my guest :)

i guess this is food for thought..... take it or leave it.... pass it onto a friend mentioning the purple pen pal.....

keep holding out-- the brightest star is yet to shine <3

Friday, November 5, 2010


Because Thanksgiving is quickly approaching- I would be delighted to hear suggestions on what your family traditions are during the holidays, special dishes you cook, etc! Some of them may end up on The Purple Penpal!

Sooo you can email me at:, telling me some of your faves and ill be sure to share some of my family traditions!


Proper Presentation Means so MUCH

people and body weight is a touchy subject- and much effort is done to exploit those who are above the "norm" by offering Wii Fit games that show a frowning Mii if you are overweight, or have not very good coordination (which i can assure you I don't have good coordination all the time! HAHA)
these are the same people who post blogs, opinions in the paper, and create stories for useless rag mags about people that are under the "norm".      I know before this used to fall mainly on teens and adults who felt (many times without reason) their body was not right for what clothes were being shown, or reflecting a comment their idol said on yesterday's MTV [garbage] show. 
Well, the 13 year olds and up are not the only ones who have poor self esteem and body issues planted..... now it is happening to the children young enough to eat.

You may say "Well DUH! That has already been happening for years now. We all know this."  but what you do not realize is that San Francisco is using McDonald's Happy Meals to enforce the "healthy eating agenda"

Let me explain:

According to the LA Times

          "A Happy Meal containing a cheeseburger, small order of french fries, and a Sprite racks up 640 calories"

Obviously, there are ways for McDonalds to fix up their griddle and grease rack loving menu.... adding fruit, water or a light juice, etc. can cut down from 640 calories to somewhere in the 500 range ( i am approximating here)....

i.e.    Helping children make good food choices
rather than
         Helping fight obesity in children

will be much more well received. obviously people cannot tell you what to eat or what to do for your child, but in my opinion, if fruits and veggies are being made more available and chain fast foods like McDonald's - support it!  Of course the ideal is not go there at all- but at least in 2011 you'll be able to go to San Francisco and get some crispy CARROTS and a juicy APPLE.... instead of fries and a double burger all the time. 

Do not let this become something to "fight obesity" ..... okay everyone knows what that word means, and it is not a pretty word to say. "good food choices" makes a much better message.

The focus shouldn't be on body image..... if they want to save money- get rid of the stupid toys all together! and put it towards better quality. 

My stand? yes. take this for what you will. However, i do believe that we have more important things to be doing other than worrying about children's toys... at least improve the quality of that food. 

THAT will be a good choice, for family, and food


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3rd: National Sandwich Day

Sandwiches can be fun!

Sandwiches can be for serious..

 For those of you who did not know, today is National Sandwich Day!

In honor of this interestingly yummy day to celebrate our first "food of convenience," i want to give you some sweet sandwich facts!

Sandwich Facts:

1. The most expensive sandwich in the world is at Berkshire, England- $197 (or 100 euros), this sandwich can only be purchased in all of it's Iberico hammed- white truffled- poulet de Bresset- quail eggs- Italian tomatoed- layered on Sourdough bread- glory from Cliveden's Waldo Resturant in Berkshire. This was destined to be the top 5 star hotel club sandwich.... and boy is it ever!

2. Subway, working through over 16,000 sandwich shops in over 70 countries, uses over 60 million.... yes MILLION pounds of lunchmeat every single year. But is this really alot- considering there are approximately 2 million (2,000,000) different sandwich combos you can make from the menu?

3.Quizno's Large Tuna Melt is possibly one of the most caloric sandwiches - at 1740 calories,  135 grams of fat. A little on sandwich now and then tastes fabulous, but slapping more than a cup of this stuff on your bread, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles is sure to discredit the good of the otherwise healthy meal!

4. Sweden has a sandwich unlike any other....the "Smorgastarta" has over 10 sandwich ingredients, and is eaten like a dessert! Fresh White Bread makes the base, with an creamy egg and mayo to separate the many layers. Shrimp, Ham, Caviar, Olives, Salmon, Eggplant, Swiss Cheese, Cucumber, Salami, Tomatoes, etc. The more "traditional" recipe calls for seafood, however many other ingredients can be used.

and when it is molded to perfection, and topped with some cold shrimp and caviar, it is cut as a cake would be- served with a white wine or beer. It almost looks too pretty to eat!

Sandwiches can be for kids.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Friend in Need- is a Friend Wanting to Talk

Today my girlfriend (my friend who is a girl, and yes i am a girl, and no i am not a les.) approached me. She asked me about her boyfriend who is super sweet. He buys her things, he dresses respectably, he is courteous to his family, but- i quote- "[she] doesn't know if [she] really misses him."

So we sat down at a lunch table and ordered some food. I ordered a bowl of wedding soup and breadsticks, with a small Diet Coke. She ordered a Burger with tomato, lettuce, and mayo with Baked Lays on the side- and a Diet Coke also.

"How long have you been dating?"

"almost 6 months"

"Do you think about him alot of the day? Do you wish you were with him when you aren't? Do..."

"Well yeah- not really- i can't be positive. I used to, I just don't know."

" Is it that you spend more time being aggravated by little things and not being able to bring yourself to enjoy the relationship?"

"Not really, I don't get irritated and annoyed too much.... I do sometimes, but I try not to all the time..."

Drinks. After taking quite a large "sip" of my glass, and she of hers, we continued unraveling what she couldn't seem to say...

"What annoys you? Gimme the first thing off the top of your head."

"Indecisive. Always.... back and forth, back and forth. I can't get angry at that- it's who he is. But it is very annoying to be on the waiting end!"

"Yeahhh i bet. Well, I know you said this before, can you still see yourself maybe marrying him?"

"Uh, some days, yeah. Some days, not really. I think I'd spend so much time making decisions for him I would never have time to make any for myself!"

Of course she chuckled when she said that, I picked up on the sarcasm in her voice.

But, alas, another breach of communication driven by--- soup and burgers and breadsticks and Coke refills. 
After breaking from Boy Talk and catching up on the rest of the day and weekend plans, the conversation rolled around to him again...

" At first, I loved talking. I loved it because it was so easy to talk to him. It was never awkward or weird... we could talk for an hour or more! Now, i feel like I have to force myself to call him and talk- but I am busy, and when he doesn't have anything to say, what am I supposed to do? Sit there on the line and listen to him talk to his fish?"

"Well usually people who are crazy in love just like listening to the other person ramble about nothing.... sometimes that isn't true, but you are busy and that makes sense...."

" I mean, I want him to be fun! He is a shy kind of fun, a little spontaneous, but not too much. But I want someone who is outgoing and fun like me! Who would love to have fun at a dance with me, and not stand around waiting to be offered to dance... I mean he is great with my family and i like his.... I just can't see myself marrying him"

"Well perhaps you are slowly answering your own question...."

" I don't even really miss him all the time..... people in love miss each other. I don't miss him like i think i should. "

" Sometimes we have to do what is best for our own judgment, not what the right thing is for someone else's feelings.... not that we have to be rude or pugnacious, but we do have the right to say when we dislike something."

"Yeah, i mean, he is the sweetest, and I think he really does like me alot, I just really feel bad I don't like him back... I think I need to not see him anymore so he can find a girl that will appreciate him in more of a way than in friendship."


Conversation over. 

What do you think?  I left the rest blank, because I want to see what you would say to her. Please address emails with the subject line "Friends"  or comment your response :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gummi Bears are from Germany?!

Geez....someone needs to tell me to start opening my eyes up... i had no idea that the first Gummi Bears were seen in Germany during the early 20's.  Gummib√§rchen  or "little rubber bear" was the first name of the Gummi Bears created by Hans Riegel.
Of course it wasn't til later-much later- like 60 years after (around the early 1980's) that Americans caught onto the gummi wave. This interest was sparked when Riegel made the first American Gummi Bear from his German Candy Shop.

After discovering that a mix of gelatin (did you know gelatin has been used since Pharaoh time in Egypt?) can be used to create different patterns of Gummi Bears with several different flavor and color combinations- Trolli, a second German company, decided to make something called the Brite Crawler- or the Gummi Worm. (which, by the way, is the most purchased Gummi candy in the world)