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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Facebook Relationship Ties Pushing the "Stalking" Evelope A Little Too Far?

Well, i got one of those little facebook profiles in 2007.  it was great; mostly because i was able to stay in contact with the people i went to grade school with... while finding some of my new college friends on there too. i'll tell you what- it was one of those "why couldn't i have thought of that?" moments. HAHA
Of course Facebook has gone through several changes in the following years..... the updated and far less cluttered profiles with wonderful little tabbies to keep Bumper Stickers (bumper what? lol) and Info about you separate from "Places I Have Been" and "Mafia Wars".... to me, i love the tabs. Good organization for what was a discombobulated area. 
Now, we come to another change...... "Relationships"
                                                                             *   *   *

So. Today. i log onto Facebook and see some pics of someone. Clicking their profile led me to see "Mutual Friends" which led me to another's profile. i saw the roomate of the guy write on his wall and i looked directly under the comment and it said:
                                              Comment.       Like.        Relationship.

i was so curious to see what "relationship" meant.... so i clicked on it. What do you think came up?

"__*name of Guy 1*__     and ___*name of Guy 2*____"
Friends on *network name*
Then there were displayed many wall posts between the two, how many photos the two had together, Mutual Friends, Events both attended, and Common Interests.....

This was all displayed at the click of a mouse..... i cannot lie and say it was NOT weird that two people i knew had all of their information displayed linking them to one another posted at once like this. 

Rather, i thought the whole thing was quite odd...... this would be a stalker's dream for sure... but can we be sure that the advantage will outweigh the disadvantage? It somewhat concerns me to think that whatever i have posted on my Facebook ( even though i am well aware that everything posted is already given up to the public) can be attached to one of the people i am friends with. Mutual Friends isn't so bad...i mean, that is how the majority of us find out who to befriend in the first place. 

Most people i am sure have good privacy settings and will not be concerned for the safety of their information. However, if you do not have privacy settings, i would highly advise you to look into these settings on your Facebook. 

*Account *
and then check or fix the settings to what you believe is appropriate. 

Just wanted to fill you in on what is going on, and what is coming......


Friday, October 29, 2010

Blackout in a Can

I want to be the first to show you such an adorable family photo:

                                                             Charge- Joose-Sparks
pretty much the small time evolution of energy infused alcoholic beverages common and cheap today. the newest addition to the family not pictured yet? Four Loko.

Three Ohio State Alums made the drink with the usuals: Alcohol, Caffeine, and a good flavor to keep people drinking.  But what makes this Four Loko so incredible? The alcohol content is over 3 beers' worth.

Four Loko combines several strong cups of coffee with a high alcohol content. Why the heck do you need caffeine in an alcoholic drink? Caffeine makes you "dulled" to the effects of the typical drunkenness. So you see? It allows you to drink much much more than you would otherwise- without feeling the effects til later. (more like when you are kneeling in front of the toilet vomiting your poor brains out)

It is said ( i haven't had personal experience with these drinks because of the sometimes hospitalizing consequences) that drinking four Four Lokos will provide the same experience as being high on drugs. Others say it takes three... I would say it depends on how much tolerance you have.

Did you know it becoming outlawed in places like New Jersey? or that the alcohol content has a range in different states? Yes, it's true.Within 6 months of the "Four"s being on local shelves in Ohio, it spread like fire to Illinois, California, and Florida. 

Four Loko has several "nicknames" [if you would call them that].  "Blackout in a Can" and "Legalized Liquid Coke" are just two. Comments associated with the drink are...

"if you're afraid to talk to a girl, drink a four [loko]"

"they are easy to get underage and give the perfect 'buzz'"

" [...] the inexperienced [drinker] should proceed with caution [...]"

Four Loko Caffeinated Booze gets FDA...

Time Magazine's Online Article: "Did Four Loko Send Washington Student to the Hospital?"

I am urging you, please beware what you drink. Do not ever just look at packaging... or think that it won't affect you. Part of being drinking age is having the mature level of thought needed to make good decisions.


Caffeine ....

it's practically snowing outside. it's freezing cold, with a light and airy mist coming from overhead. with the gloom of winter comes the wonderful smell of fresh brewing coffee to give you the little "boost" as a consolation for getting out of bed this morning :)

coffee beans came from arabia....but coffee was apparently being consumed by people in the early 1000

        Like those wonderful people who drank it daily.....
Of course, what we see most about those who are "coffee drinkers" is that they need a cup a day to make them more awake. If they miss that cup of joy in the morning, it may have an effect on the way they are for the day.

But we have to look at not just the wonders of coffee ingestion, but what makes coffee so valuable for those who crave it: this would be, of course, the caffeine.

Some people say coffee makes them sick.... this may be true, but it is also the high amounts of caffeine in the coffee type they drink. For instance, some people think that drinking Decaf has no caffeine at all. Wrong! It has about 4- 7 mg of caffeine.

Regular filtered coffee (not instant) has the most, with  200-250 mg of caffeine.

Health Topics on Caffeine   was the main source for this blog post. I encourage you to read it.

Also, be aware of the upcoming post about Four Loko....for those of you who are familiar with it!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you feel like this when you have to make a decision? You knowwww.... the life changing kinds. I bet you do... because sometimes I feel like that too! 

When you really feel like this is when you are looking for *that* someone.   Boy or Girl, it takes more than good looks to become a part of someone's life.... at least, it should take more than that!   

Anyways, one of my friend's friend's friend's cousin- i think- made this up. But the cool thing is that you get to write down anything you want. No quizzes to give you forced options, no anonymous statuses to say what you should and should not want. Just your opinion. 

At least, it is just your opinion on half of the folded piece of paper.... number lines 1-20 with numbers in order from 1-20. hahah I know that was confusing! 

Then, fold the paper in half so the numbers are on the side you will write on ( which would be the margin side of the paper) and write down the first 20 things that come to your head..... of course, these 20 things have to be things you want in a future spouse... i'm not giving any answers here- because whatever you think up is what is important to you :)

Once you are finished with your 20, give it to someone you trust and that knows you well. Roomate, Friend, Cousin, anyone. And have them write 20 things on the other half of the paper you folded down. 


Chances are, you were truthful about what you want in a spouse.... you didn't just think "Like, OMG!, the guy I want right now has big biceps, so like, i'm going to write down "Muscular" on my list!" or "My last girl friend was a brunette, rude, and a cheater. So i am going to write "Anything but Brunette" on my list."

Well, if you did write that down, keep in mind that those are not qualities; they are physical attributes. 

So, once your trusted person is done and returns the list to you, open it up and see what you have. 

You should hopefully see a number of similar


etc. between yours and your other's list. 

Then , whenever you are looking for someone, see how well they match up to that list there and if they don't- it's moving on time!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Black Cats, Ghost Hunters, Piles and Piles of Unchecked Candy.....

Sounding like Halloween right? I think so....

Of all the holidays, alot of people are freaked out by Halloween- the once-holy-holiday, now turned into a fear fest by many.  Goblin-Vampire-Werewolves coming to the same door step (cordially, mind you) to get a Reese's Cup or a pack of Mini M&Ms. Or the new Vampire craze? what about the ones who believe, in their heart of hearts that they are , in fact, vampires by birth. Come on now. Let's try not to be freaks of nature here....

If vampires are around us, and you are desperately searching for your Edward (OMG!) then maybe you should look at the fact :
  • If every vampire bit one person a month ( like they are "supposed to do") and that person then became a vampire also: in 2 and a half to 3 years the whole human race would be one consumed by blood and fangs....and there wouldn't be anyone "normal" or for the vampire fans... "average"...left in the world as we know it. 
 But aside from some people thinking they need a little vampirism to live on Halloween, I think what everyone needs is a little candy.....

Of course this doesnt mean that you have to consume a full bag of pop corn balls plus the caramel apples and rootbeer float that is put in front of you. No of course not! haha  *BUT*  You do have some scrumptious options open to you for the Hallow's Eve celebration......

The 3 Musketeers Mint Bar is a good choice- nougat and creamy chocolate... with MINT! Yummy!

York Peppermint Patties are another good one.... especially frozen!

Twizzler Bites

Bubble Gum


Some Hershey kisses

Dum-Dum lollipops

Candy Corn



Peeps Pumpkins :)

ok im done with my few ramblings of the night!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wake up and smell.... the 6 month old McDonald's meal

Everyday we are out and about, something new comes our way. Maybe we subconsciously hear an ad for "the smoking new grilled chicken sandwich" that just happens to be served at a fast food joint not far from the building complex where you work.

Maybe you are just looking for a cheap meal that can keep the hunger bug quiet when you go into another meeting with the council or hit the road for a few hours' drive to deliver a package...

Either way, what we eat is going to have an effect on us.  

McDonald's 6 month Happy Meal was put out by a woman determined to win a bet.    The only difference 6 months  after putting the patty, bun, and fries out on her counter ? They became shriveled. Not a fuzzball of mold, nooooo. Just the simple shrinkage of the size of the food, almost looking as it it was dehydrated.

Of course [probably, i hope] filled with multiple "bad bacteria" by now, why on EARTH should we be eating this food?!

Normal food... this category extending from the organic foods we purchase to the "run of the mill" Giant Eagle or Piggly Wiggly or Food Lion patties.... would develop at least the horrid stench of rotting, decomposing food.
Why, oh why, do we not make the connection that McDonald's food, etc. is not only unhealthy but also unnatural? 
Check out   for the facts about McDonald's. I could go on and on, but the writers of this guide say it much better than I could.

Hoping for a healthier environment <3

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sometimes I...

Sometimes humanity gets the better of me.

Sometimes I get angry

Sometimes I get caught up in gossip

Sometimes I l a b e l someone as "a little weird" because they might not bE liKe mE.

Sometimes I feel I am not smart enough to be successful in academics

Sometimes I feel too uncomfortable in my skin 

Sometimes I forget to *praise* God for everything He has given me


I smile at my enemies, j.u.s.t to make them more agitated than they were in the first place :)

hehe <3

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few words about Autumn

Look up to the right
See that colorful sight.
Leaves that are colored
Chilling winds- to make one shutter.

Listen to the words the wind speaks
As the coming of winter it leaks.
Watch it pick up the growing leaves...
Taking them away from their parent - like trees.