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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Facebook Relationship Ties Pushing the "Stalking" Evelope A Little Too Far?

Well, i got one of those little facebook profiles in 2007.  it was great; mostly because i was able to stay in contact with the people i went to grade school with... while finding some of my new college friends on there too. i'll tell you what- it was one of those "why couldn't i have thought of that?" moments. HAHA
Of course Facebook has gone through several changes in the following years..... the updated and far less cluttered profiles with wonderful little tabbies to keep Bumper Stickers (bumper what? lol) and Info about you separate from "Places I Have Been" and "Mafia Wars".... to me, i love the tabs. Good organization for what was a discombobulated area. 
Now, we come to another change...... "Relationships"
                                                                             *   *   *

So. Today. i log onto Facebook and see some pics of someone. Clicking their profile led me to see "Mutual Friends" which led me to another's profile. i saw the roomate of the guy write on his wall and i looked directly under the comment and it said:
                                              Comment.       Like.        Relationship.

i was so curious to see what "relationship" meant.... so i clicked on it. What do you think came up?

"__*name of Guy 1*__     and ___*name of Guy 2*____"
Friends on *network name*
Then there were displayed many wall posts between the two, how many photos the two had together, Mutual Friends, Events both attended, and Common Interests.....

This was all displayed at the click of a mouse..... i cannot lie and say it was NOT weird that two people i knew had all of their information displayed linking them to one another posted at once like this. 

Rather, i thought the whole thing was quite odd...... this would be a stalker's dream for sure... but can we be sure that the advantage will outweigh the disadvantage? It somewhat concerns me to think that whatever i have posted on my Facebook ( even though i am well aware that everything posted is already given up to the public) can be attached to one of the people i am friends with. Mutual Friends isn't so bad...i mean, that is how the majority of us find out who to befriend in the first place. 

Most people i am sure have good privacy settings and will not be concerned for the safety of their information. However, if you do not have privacy settings, i would highly advise you to look into these settings on your Facebook. 

*Account *
and then check or fix the settings to what you believe is appropriate. 

Just wanted to fill you in on what is going on, and what is coming......


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