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Friday, October 29, 2010

Blackout in a Can

I want to be the first to show you such an adorable family photo:

                                                             Charge- Joose-Sparks
pretty much the small time evolution of energy infused alcoholic beverages common and cheap today. the newest addition to the family not pictured yet? Four Loko.

Three Ohio State Alums made the drink with the usuals: Alcohol, Caffeine, and a good flavor to keep people drinking.  But what makes this Four Loko so incredible? The alcohol content is over 3 beers' worth.

Four Loko combines several strong cups of coffee with a high alcohol content. Why the heck do you need caffeine in an alcoholic drink? Caffeine makes you "dulled" to the effects of the typical drunkenness. So you see? It allows you to drink much much more than you would otherwise- without feeling the effects til later. (more like when you are kneeling in front of the toilet vomiting your poor brains out)

It is said ( i haven't had personal experience with these drinks because of the sometimes hospitalizing consequences) that drinking four Four Lokos will provide the same experience as being high on drugs. Others say it takes three... I would say it depends on how much tolerance you have.

Did you know it becoming outlawed in places like New Jersey? or that the alcohol content has a range in different states? Yes, it's true.Within 6 months of the "Four"s being on local shelves in Ohio, it spread like fire to Illinois, California, and Florida. 

Four Loko has several "nicknames" [if you would call them that].  "Blackout in a Can" and "Legalized Liquid Coke" are just two. Comments associated with the drink are...

"if you're afraid to talk to a girl, drink a four [loko]"

"they are easy to get underage and give the perfect 'buzz'"

" [...] the inexperienced [drinker] should proceed with caution [...]"

Four Loko Caffeinated Booze gets FDA...

Time Magazine's Online Article: "Did Four Loko Send Washington Student to the Hospital?"

I am urging you, please beware what you drink. Do not ever just look at packaging... or think that it won't affect you. Part of being drinking age is having the mature level of thought needed to make good decisions.


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