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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cognitive Psychology Beginner Notes

Cognition: collection of mental processes used in perceiving, learning, memory, and thinking...also, how we use those processes.

Memory: mental processes of acquiring and retaining information for later retrival

Aristotle: was the first empiricist.Natural Science approach to understand on observation.
In De Memoria he made a theory of memory, and considered the basic principles...he imagined the "blank slate". inquiry led him to make objective explanation of how learning and memory take place.

Sperling: said that
fewer items shown = better and more accurate performance.
better iconic visibility w/ sharper contrasts
blank page after stimulus, longer on, less to report.
Visual image of stimulus continues after shorttime after turn off. Utlizing rapidly fading image.
17-18 letters present in intial icon.

The investigation of IPS:
Span of Apprehension- # of ind. items recalled after only short display
Whole Report- only letters
Partial Report- only one of the rows were reported.
T-scope- present array of letters and digits to subjects of brief duration
Fixation- letters ,blank, question
Subject remembers what to recall, and reports from memory.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Painful Pilates For a Sexy Self!

Wanna have Sexy Legs?
How about a nice butt?

These are two realistic videos that are around 10 minutes each! Put on some music, listen to the directions, and do it! There are no weights, mats, yoga balls, etc. involved... it is perfect.

Just food for thought!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Healthy Food for your Skin

Healthy foods for your skin.....   
How on earth do we go about finding healthy food for our skin?
I will not bother regurgitating the whole blog post from another blog to you... and i wont pretend i know what i am talking about when it comes to nutrition! haha  but i did give you the link so you can see it for yourself, and start living healthier....

But it isnt just living healthier, it is growing in simplicity. Living in such a Pop Tart-Cheese Whiz- Spaghetti in a Box- world is not the way it used to be. Think about "Little House" days.... when the families of the pioneer time used to breed, raise, butcher, cure, and then eat their own food. There was a higher sodium content when it came to curing, but it is no more than what is in one pack of Ramen Noodle Soup i assure you!

They may have had canned foods as well then... but they did not have the preservatives inside those containers.... no way! They stuck to the freshly harvested or the home grown produce and canned using natural jellies like Pectin.... and natural color and taste preservatives like plain old Lemon Juice!  Really!

Go to your local Farmer's Market.... it will probably be just as much to can ( maybe a littleeee more) as to buy cheetos, whole can "grade A" potatoes, and frozen pizzas as it will to make your own sauce, or can your own home grown or locally grown produce!

It is also ten million times healthier, trust me!  Living healthy and simply isnt a scary process, just one we are not used to. I promise the benefits long term outweigh the small cost increase of canning jars and the preparation work. Please consider looking into canning and home preserving even little things- Preserves, for instance. Or maybe making Applesauce instead of buying the Fructose laden versions at the store.

Ball Canning products are perhaps the most widely used brand for canning supplies, and can be found most anywhere.  is a great website that can help with illustrations for canning things. But they also give advice for freezing foods. This is perfect for people who do not have much time on their hands to can, but still want fresh foods in winter! Freezing is less work than canning most items, and is pretty simple too!  

If there is any specific topic you would like links, or discussion on, please email or comment :)

Sometimes People Need to Take Hikes

Some times people need to take hikes.

They need to realize how they don't treat you nicely.

How they choose to be sharp and short and then nice because they need you.

You sometimes feel like you are not up to par with the rest of the world. Sooo you are nominated to be the one that people get snappy with .... because someone "thinks" you have an attitude. Or someone plays favorites unknowingly.

You wouldnt ever admit wouldn't make a very good impression would it? of course not.  

Stay polite, be respectful, but don't linger any longer than you have to.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Guilty Pleasures of Cool Weather

We all have it.

The desire to whip out the cashmere sweater with the leggings and booties.

Or what about those skinny jeans, with the adorable flats and that slouchy shirt with the statement necklace?

Fall is leading the way for some sweet winter trends. I have some favorites... but expensive ones-- they are!

So i'll post links to the purses, jackets, and shoes i wouldn't mind having in my dream winter wardrobe!

The Burberry in Grey Tote Bag got my attention! As a college student, i always need totes! and this one (although around $650) is fantastic!

Marc Jacobs also has some interesting shoes... beside the flats that are embellished to look like mouse faces, I preferred the Card Playing Flatts  that have a whimsical side, while being very cute and preppy!

Besides the flats? How about this gorgeously elegant version of the Little Black Winter Dress!  The square but higher neckline proves sophisticated, while the sleeveless arms led valuable to the breath-ability.

Chanel has the perfect Signature Earrings with a dainty glass pearl to add to the features of the diamond studded double "C" posts.

Another piece I thought was excellent was the Draped Necklace- complemented with agate pearls and rock crystals.

Of course, There are always bags to match! This Oversized Tote with Interlaced Chains is completely engulfed in a bed of gray/black/ and creme fur!  The "Tweed and Fantasy Fur" Small Tote may be more of a economical venue, however.

Dolce and Gabbana have some beautiful and fun Leopard Print Flats!

They also have Leather Gloves that are in Steel Grey or Dark Brown.  Perfect!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little about Love

After several attempts on the dating/ courting circuit, I guess you kind of learn what you are looking for and what immediately says, "o-m-g stay away!"
So, hopefully this guide proves helpful if the advice of your "friends" fail.

He should....
  1. Open Doors- Car, Building, anything
  2. Compliment you- Beautiful, Charming, Sweet, Pretty, Nice, Adorable, etc. are good :)
  3. Act like you're his girlfriend!- Put his arm around you, bring you flowers sometimes, and just do things to show that he cares.
  4. PAY- Yes, guys should ALWAYS be the ones to whip out the wallet! Unless it's his birthday, etc. then you may pay :)
He should not...
  1. Let you pay.
  2. Put you down. EVER. Even if he says "jk jk" that's like saying "I'm breaking up with you!" as a joke. not cool.
  3. Disrespect you. If you say you don't like something or are uncomfortable, don't allow him to badger you into it. Make him respect your thoughts, and needs.
  4. Flirt with other girls. Okayyy some girls may let this go. But part of trust in a relationship is KNOWING he won't do anything stupid.
  5. Keep you under lock and key. This is very bad. Girls get possessive, guys say- I'm done. Guys get possessive, girls should not play along.
  6. Ditch you for his friends. Guys should have guy time. But if you find every date is going to Dino's for him to get the wing special, maybe he is looking for more of a friend than a serious relationship. A Boyfriend should take into consideration where you like to go, what you like to eat, etc.

Now that we dealt with how the Boyfriend should act, the next logical step is to discuss the Girlfriend :)
Every girl, even if she doesn't admit it, wants a happy home with a nice guy she loves and who appreciates her and loves her back :)

  • Seem Desperate- ever!!!!- guys looking for a serious relationship don't like seeing things like "Oh em gee! I'm going to die because I'm single!" or facebook statuses that denote something like being broken up, or being mad at someone. You know.... the feel sorry for yourself statuses, etc.
  • Feel the need to wear everything short and tight. It's really like using bad tuna to attract limp and scruffy alley cats.
  • Play hard to get. The only thing you'll end up with is confusion, and real guys get sick of that quick.
  • Let guys push you around. Drunkenness, "Guy's Night", etc. I don't care what time it is, you should always have respect!
  • Lastly, Don't do anything you wouldn't do in front of your parents. Take this as you will, you know what I mean! lol Real guys will respect you in all matters.
It may seem very difficult to deal with them sometimes. Try to cut them some slack sometimes, if they are running late, etc. Guys aren't perfect, but we try to make them as close to perfect as possible. If you feel like your guy takes you away from your friends, feels the need to check all your messages, or always wants "alone time" - it's time to move on.

Honestly, what kind of a relationship revolves around "alone time" all-the-time? Of course you need to have time together to talk about important things, etc. but too much alone time is never a good thing; even for the most prudent of people.

One way to figure out about a guy: facebook! Childish? Maybe. Accurate? Yes. See how he chats with other people, what do his bumper stickers look like, what does his info say, what is he looking for in a relationship??? and PICTURES! If you see things you aren't thrilled with, you can ask him, or maybe he isn't for you afterall. But facebook is definitely one honest way of finding out about someone. (but don't take everything you see to heart)

Another good way to find out about guys: Friends! friends you trust can be a nice way to get to know guys, even if they just become friends. Ask your friends what they think about him; if they are honest, they'll tell you what they really think, and give you a good idea from an "outsider's perspective".

Your parents are also good. Mom's really do know best. If your parents realllyyyyy don't care for your latest boy, it's time to stand back and evaluate. why? can it be worked on? Choosing someone based on looks ad money is not good. People loose money all the time, and saggy skin.... well, that just is part of life!

If not, do save yourself some trouble. If you really aren't crazy about him (or if you are in love with his looks or money), if you know or get the feeling from him that his mind is not where it needs to be- it's time to go. Don't be afraid of breaking up. In my opinion, if you were "together" and you find that you just don't see yourself marrying him, don't waste time. It's not fair to either of you.

Unicorns, Lollipops, and Funnel Cakes <3

You're not gonna reach my telephone-  

Actually, they should reach your telephone! One of the most important parts of a good relationship is C o m m u n i c a t i o n.


is nice, but it should not be the center of your chatting. it's convenient for a quicky question, though.

is also nice, but doesn't really qualify as interaction...

Chat rooms and AIM-
mmm no, poor form of communication right there. unless you want to be like Napoleon Dynamite's brother "[because] things are getting pretty serious, we chat online for 4 hours a day."

Ahhhh yes. fairly modern invention, but also coming out of style in a sense. Hearing someone laugh is much nicer than seeing a little :) & LOL! under an email. sooo, pick up the phone, and CALL. I promise it won't kill you.

Yes!!! Above all, show you care by visiting, talking to the parents, etc. etc. you will never know how much it means to your bf or gf to have their parents say "oh isn't he/she so respectful"

You will also want to communicate when you are out. Don't constantly be on your phone, computer, etc. how annoying to the other person- not to mention, they will wonder who is more important than them.......
Chat over dinner, shopping, etc. the movies are fun, but what solid conversation comes from sitting in a dark room with 3-D glasses on? :)
Now not every convo needs to be life or death, but certainly you should bring things up as they bother you. Don't let everything get under your skin, but if it is something you really dislike, etc. don't wait to talk.

Slushies with Pink Straws,  <3

When a guy says "Your Hot"
......he's looking at your BODY.

When a guy says "Your Pretty"
......he's looking at your FACE.

When a guy says "Your Beautiful"
......he's looking at your HEART.

☂ – Don't let the rain get your hopes down!
☀- Because the sun aLwAyS comes OuT!


Biting, a New Issue to Contend With....  
Of course everyone wants a mystery. Rather than going for the star struck, handsome man with the limo.....we choose the dark, mysterious man with the fangs. Why? It's a freak of cultural norms. duh.
If someone walked around town with extremely pale skin AND fangs AND glowing eyes AND a eerily quiet demeanor-- I think most people would stare and be afraid. However, due to the extreme stretching of "loving our neighbors as ourselves," I believe we have been blocked from the real identity of one of the culture's most odd and creepy characters....
*drum roll* EDWARD CULLEN!
but whatever inside of the teens and young people today that screams for this distinctive character.... is different.
A few years ago, biting was seen as something dogs do who have fleas.
Today, it is seen as one way to show "affection", or so it has been labeled as.
Please read what ABC News has found out regarding the up and coming spreading of "love biting."
What are your thoughts?
Sparks says it All ..... again.
So today I was searching for quotes for my facebook... and i found some of the notebook i thought were impressive. then i started thinking...
doesn't everyone think their love is nicholas sparks' style?

of course they do.

but i wanted to take a moment to point out something. something very important that i am sure you already know. if you dont that's okay too, because it never hurts to learn new things that are good for you :)

"You're going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it's always their actions you should judge them by. It's actions, not words, that matter." ~ Nicholas Sparks

remember this, dear friend of mine. i know that you are beautiful, handsome, intelligent, and caring.

but today love is so out of wack that, honestly, every magazine and billboard has some wonderful new and exciting offer on how to improve your life.

did anyone ever tell you that improvement does not have to involve you sleeping together to be happy?

"I finally understood what true love meant that you care for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be." ~ Nicholas Sparks

i cannot stress the importance of happiness. and i will tell you right now, the happiness of the other person does not consist of sex. just making sure we are all on the same blog entry here.

Many people do not realize, or have not be told the incredible gift they give, or the indelible mark it leaves on the soul when we say we love someone.

"i love you. I've come to understand is more than three words mumbled before bedtime." ~Nicholas Sparks

i challenge you, reader. Friend.

save yourself starting today. if you haven't been doing so all along.

if you fall get back up and keep going.

and see who really deserves your heartfelt "I love you" on your wedding day.

band aids. peace. and prayers.

i've heard stories. i have not judged. i have questioned people, however.
  • you aren't comfortable with something or someone but they don't take no as an answer...
  • eventually you realize napping/cuddling together is what your relationship consists of.....
  • sex is everything. it's the only thing..... 
  • you are constantly bending rules, breaking rules, or telling lies ... 
  • you find yourself feeling guilty because he/she gives you a hard time- all the time...
  •  you feel like you aren't worth 2 cents.....
  • you are cheated on..... 
  • you have to orchestrate everything: he'll pay... but you plan, prep, and and even meet him halfway to get there....
i am truly sorry, but if you think for one second any of these things are okay.... they aren't.
it is so disheartening to think, friend, that you or someone you know feels like this.....
help them if you can, don't ever judge them.....
if this list describes your relationship- i hope you read through the reste (up and down) entries here and see what should be expected of a healthy relationship.
that is important. and discussing your views and opinions openly is even of greater importance :)


Q: My boyfriend lies to me. It was never anything to bad until, like now. I'm afraid when he goes away he is really with other girls and I have know idea what to do. Cmnts? Suggests?

 A: Hi! and I appreciate your question. For those of us who have dealt with situations like this before, I know that it is hard to trust once something like that happens.  If you have evidence, let him know that you are unhappy with what he is doing. Don't try to "trap" him into a lie- but by talking about things I am sure you can straighten it out! If the lying gets persistent or he starts lying about serious things, I would tell him that you are not going to sit back and waste your time figuring out when he is lying and when he isn't. Give him a warning, and if he doesn't listen, break it off. If you aren't worth the truth to him, he isn't worth any more of your time. 
Taking less than you pay for just isn't an option.  

I understand it's hard to be in the midst of people when you have different standards than the rest.  It's never easy to go through a magazine and not be affected by it. So, I have added a piece from my diary to illustrate :

I have been politely told that: 1) I am intimidating to guys because I am outgoing. 2) That I have too high of standards. 3) That I could have a boyfriend if I really wanted to, because i'm the "whole deal" I'm funny, cute, sweet, etc. Well, i am here to let you all know three things which I am not going to tell you politely: 1) If you are intimidated by me, there's the door. 2) If my standards are too high, yours must be too low- or you are desperate. 3) You are completely right. I could have a boyfriend if I wanted to. But I am not the flirt and flight- I am looking for the complete package.

I will make a short disclaimer about myself: 

"Hi! and thank you for wanting to date me. I appreciate your flirtatious attitude and your pretending to care anything about me, but i need to warn you of somethings. I do not offer sex for free or payment-you need to marry me for that.  No you are not allowed to take naps with me- i will send my dogs after you if you try. No, I have not had thousands of boyfriends- but being mine is a rigorous process and contest. Many will enter, Few will attempt, one will win. Thanks for playing the Dating game and good luck!"

I am well aware that the idea of being chaste is a hard enough pill to swallow for most guys... i can admit it is difficult for me sometimes too. But i can assure you that in the end it's far worth it. 

peace, love, and tiffany rings :)

 Friends After Love?  
Q: My Ex and i are still friends and go out with a group sometimes, i told my boyfriend i go out with a group of friends, but i didn't get specific and tell him who was in the group. Should i say something? I mean, he might feel like i've been lying if i don't say anything right?

A:Well, I could see where you are coming from. But think about if he were doing that to you? What kind of response would you give if your boyfriend was hanging out with his ex in a group and not giving you specifics? Although I do not think you need to tell him " hi honey we are going to get dinner, go to a club, come home, watch a movie, and then I'm leaving" I think telling him " I just want you to know that me and ___ still talk sometimes and are friends...."  will cover it. But, your end of the deal is not hanging out every weekend with your ex like you'd hang out with your boyfriend, or a girlfriend. That is when things can get too close to the edge....

When trouble arises...
Not everyone understands how to be the caring person you need at certain times. Please see this list for numbers to call :

Rape, Abuse, Incest-
(800) 656-HOPE

Covenant House Nine-Line

 Runaway children, drugs, abuse, etc.

Child Abuse Hotline

 the Grand Canyon seems like a Fantastic Idea....  

I was walking on the edge of a steep drop off by a trail. I didn't want to fall down, but I was looking over as far as I could to see what was down there. a few rocks tumbled down the drop off... but I didn't think anything of it, because each time I walked this trail - I went a little closer to the edge...

I use this example as so many others have.

I give you a scenario.... because I believe you are smart enough to figure it out and use it later:

You and your boy friend or girl friend are walking along the Grand Canyon. Neither of you want to fall over the edge, but you are holding your girlfriend or boyfriend closer and closer to the wide gap of the Canyon cliff. You do not intend to drop him or her off the cliff, you just want to hold them as close as possible to the edge...the closer you get, the more dangerous it becomes.....what do you do if you accidently slip and fall off the cliff?

What can you relate this to? A few things come to mind, most especially your relationship. The farther you go, the closer you are to the edge! It is up to you to decide your "line" .... the place where you reach that says stop.

Yes to the Dress.... but Please to the Freeze?

We are people. and when i say that, i mean it is in our nature to always want the latest..... and be curious about the odd....... like the new Zerona- aka fat freezer. It was created to slowly cool your waist, making you lose around 3 inches from the area. Seems like a dream...... but is it a good one?

MSNBC has the basic info. What corporation it comes from, and how it works. But looking further into the case, it sure seems like, although an easily grasped concept, the Zerona just doesn't isn't affordable for the average American.

Another website, Real Self- Zerona Reviews,  have some interesting information on it regarding this!

I think, rather than messing around with liposuction, etc. I will stick with regular gym time!

Basic Workout Info for Dummies  is a really is a good helper when it comes to telling about healthy workouts. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page gives a good start - Walking for 20 mintues. Turn on the TV if you are on a tread mill. Put on music. Twenty minutes can go by real fast if you try!


** I am always open to posting suggestions! Please, feel free to give me questions, or interests :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No link between Autism and Mercury

In case you have not heard, or do not know- there has been no findings of the link between autism and mercury in vaccinations!

This is good news!

freaky stuff for Fun.... or for serious?  

I am not sure how "good" all the material on this site is. Vigilant Citizen may be viewed as some to be an over the top thinker who just wants to crush the FreeMasons. However, the article I have provided the link for is well written and useful to opening up the eyes of the American people especially.

His articles have featured: government landmarks, Beyonce, President Obama, President Bush, Lady Gaga, J-Pop (japanese pop), Disney, conspiracy theories, et cetera.

Some of it may seem unreal, too much to handle, or just not believable by any stretch of the imagination. But, there is some truths to be found within Vigilant Citizen's articles.

I encourage you to browse around, checking out some of the interesting Pop Culture icons that he discusses... and the scary similiarties between ancient occult symbols and currently popular world agendas.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Is it really food we eat? or just substance?

today there are so many foods to pick from, at relatively a cheap price. We do not even eat many "real" foods any more! Most of what we see and eat in our typical Wal mart or Giant Eagle or Piggly Wiggly is some gross lab creation made to look, smell, taste, and feel like the corn, strawberries, apricots, and poultry we want. 

My question to you: Do you consider something to be food if it is not made of the same properties as food? if a corn ear is not grown as a corn ear, but made from a genetically modified seed that is resistant to most all weeds, etc. is it still corn? Or does it become merely a substance for us to fill our selves with?

This documentary is not like an ordinary black and white documentary. It does attract your attention to the black and white cow that is being modified by chemicals and hormones to produce more milk and bigger amounts of beef....

is a place in connection with Frankferd Farms... an organic and whole foods distributor. Words like "genetically modified" or "GMO" are not found on their packaging. "Wholesome," "Organic," and "Local" are what is commonly used.

Rosary Acres is a little home run business stemming from Ligonier, Pennsylvania. The owners, Rick and Lisa Adams, offer and deliver only the best vegetables, fruits, meats, and breads.Currently, they personally deliver foods to places in Pittsburgh, Irwin, Donegal, Ligonier- to name a few! They also have local Amish goods, and supply chefs at different resturants.

Together with your Frankferd Farm order- by purchasing other goods the Adams' have for sale, you would decrease your "normal shopping routine" by as much as 90%!  Call today at get your seasonally grown foods- today :)

But what about eating out? Where and What to Eat   can help guide you to the healthy ways of life even while outside of your home.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What was the happiest moment in your life?

I have many happy moments in my life :) I cannot ever name just one <3

Ask me anything

Things I want to do:

This includes, but is not limited to Italy, Germany, France, Poland (Krakow), Russia (St. Petersburg), Ireland (Dublin, and maybe biking along the River Liffy? haha) and perhaps Austria.... I have also wanted to go to California, Canada, and New York...
Learn to Ski... but not fall off the Ski Lift!
Show pugs
Go camping! 
Go watch a live figure skating competition
Learn to ice dance...... :)
Go to Bosnia, for a pilgrimage
Write a book based on.....something.....haha-- NOT a cookbook!
Marry, and have a family!

Well, that is quite the diverse list, yes? haha I like variety! What are your goals? Dreams? Traveling destinations? 

Not everyone can afford to do everything, all the time. That is how my family is.... but dreaming doesn't cost anything : and no one can tell you that you cannot do it. So, what is the first place you want to go?

The first person to write me a place... will be the place i look into for prices, and fun things to do... culture, etc.!

luggage bags and bell hops! <3

What was your favorite birthday gift?

um..........oh geez....... since everyone who has ever given me something has been someone special in my life, i have many faves!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Easy Day

Mm- Mm- Mm.....

Sitting here.... getting ready to watch Hotel Rwanda....i have a feeling this movie will be sad! I will be sure to fill you in on how many times we pass the tissue box around! :(

hmmmmm that is it really..... just sitting here...... mostly just getting excited for tomorrow and fun things :)


Friday, September 10, 2010

Is thinking about shutting downnnn

I have no one following me, I really am starting to think this is all useless haha

I am talking to myself to keep myself busy, but it has kept me from extra complaining to people about dumb things.

Follow me? Anyone?

Quotes to Describe the Eye of my Life

"Treating the whole world as if it works for you doesn't suggest you're special, it means you're an a$$." 

 "If you do not tell the truth about yourself, you can't tell it about other people."

 Contempt is the weapon of the weak and a defense against one's own despised and unwanted feelings.

And here is what we should think of those reputation ruiners, pretend to do- gooders, care-fakers:

"When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm a l r e a d y better than them."  - marilyn monroe 

"If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty." 

good come backs to the witches of the world :)

... i never wish for what goes around to come around.... but with the storm she's brewing.... the good Lord only knows....

two facers and tape recorders <3 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I think we should all take note of this, Eh?

Yes, I read fashion magazines. No, they have not made me go into a frenzied eating disorder. I cannot fault those girls and guys that it has made them put their own bodies into question. I like what Canada has started doing, and wish I could do something to impress upon our magazines that being thin is not always being in......... they see from "novelty media coverage" what is happening... Dove soap makes a program to make girls feel beautiful. Tyra Banks also has [or seemed to] make it something of priority in her life to help girls. 
This is dandy. Just peachy.......

But it NEEDS to continue down the line, people! The fashion world usually dictates to us what we should want and how we should wear it. Why can we not dictate what we want to see?!?!?

I will be honest with you. I am a size 7- as general sizes run. I went to Hollister to return a size 7 skinny jeans. The size 1 shelf was at my eye level, the size 3 and 5 just a shelf up, and allllll the way at the tippy top-- high enough up the stock girl had to get me a stool-- were the size 12 jeans. There is n o t h i n g [!] wrong with this size! But the fact I had to go up so many sizes to get a pair that would fit was ridiculous, and made me slightly self conscious ( yes i am admitting that). And you know what? even after the jeans were brought down and I tried them on, the waist was too big and didn't fit me anyways. Can you say lost cause? uh hu.

So, here is the little article on the Canadian clothes line that is against doing touch ups on their models post shoot for your consideration:

Concealer and Blush <3

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

get the tools to fix yourself after admitting defeat, pick yourself back up. dont wait for someone else to do it for you.
never be the first to spread bad rumors about another, because then you are just as bad as the bitch who started them.

you know who you are. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Admittance does not always mean defeat.

Yes, I'll admit it. Girls can get a guy wraped around her finger as tight as she wants.


I promise guys are more powerful, by nature alone, than we give them credit for. It is never easy to resist the look of a guy who wants nothing more than to kiss you goodnight. As you know that, you give in.... it's just one. What could one do? One kiss is all it takes to have your life spiral out of your hands.

Some girls have too much going for them to have a bun in the oven at college, highschool, or even junior high. Some people get afraid to drive at first because they think "What if I forget where the brakes are?! I wont be able to stop!"  
That is why some girls have such strong moral set ups. Half is the morality factor, half is being terrified of where the brakes are.

hahah maybe im crazy. maybe im smart. im thinking it is a little combination of both. :)