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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you feel like this when you have to make a decision? You knowwww.... the life changing kinds. I bet you do... because sometimes I feel like that too! 

When you really feel like this is when you are looking for *that* someone.   Boy or Girl, it takes more than good looks to become a part of someone's life.... at least, it should take more than that!   

Anyways, one of my friend's friend's friend's cousin- i think- made this up. But the cool thing is that you get to write down anything you want. No quizzes to give you forced options, no anonymous statuses to say what you should and should not want. Just your opinion. 

At least, it is just your opinion on half of the folded piece of paper.... number lines 1-20 with numbers in order from 1-20. hahah I know that was confusing! 

Then, fold the paper in half so the numbers are on the side you will write on ( which would be the margin side of the paper) and write down the first 20 things that come to your head..... of course, these 20 things have to be things you want in a future spouse... i'm not giving any answers here- because whatever you think up is what is important to you :)

Once you are finished with your 20, give it to someone you trust and that knows you well. Roomate, Friend, Cousin, anyone. And have them write 20 things on the other half of the paper you folded down. 


Chances are, you were truthful about what you want in a spouse.... you didn't just think "Like, OMG!, the guy I want right now has big biceps, so like, i'm going to write down "Muscular" on my list!" or "My last girl friend was a brunette, rude, and a cheater. So i am going to write "Anything but Brunette" on my list."

Well, if you did write that down, keep in mind that those are not qualities; they are physical attributes. 

So, once your trusted person is done and returns the list to you, open it up and see what you have. 

You should hopefully see a number of similar


etc. between yours and your other's list. 

Then , whenever you are looking for someone, see how well they match up to that list there and if they don't- it's moving on time!


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