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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tomato Soup for the Pro-Acid Stomach

i had tomato soup today. just me. my sister and mum have very anti acidic stomachs. i also had the pleasure of entering in a contest for family traditions. that would be awesome to win. of course, many people also enter, and of course only one wins. i really should be studying for my heritage class. i just got back- ate some tacos, cleaned up, said goodbye, and am sitting here with my book, notes, study guide, and browser opened. sadly enough the browser hasn't developed a tab for "microsoft office" yet.... otherwise i could start replying to the magnitude of emails and things that pile up over the weekend. i was considering submitting a poem into "generation" the little school publication that is more of a contest... that takes place each spring. i would love to have a little something in there... even though the majority of entries that are chosen are good writers. of course, everyonce in a while- the average person's paper is picked to be printed into hundreds of copies and distributed to the student body. interesting? yes. i always wanted to be a writer. and here i am with my little piece of the web. it's not nearly as reputable as an actual published work; but someday i will have the time to write something interesting- thought provoking-invigorating and refreshing- for humanity to read. unfortunately, my time has not yet come. maybe the day will be tomorrow. maybe not until after i am dead and my biography can be written. if my life turns out to be something grand, that is. lol! enough of my rambling.... i need to study... and i'm sure some of you also must too. Crumpled Notes and Pencil Smudges <3

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog!

courtesy of Carrie Underwood <3
. i mean..... are you in a relationship that you are only in for the sake of "having someone" ? have your friends told you to ditch him, do you parents hate him, are you loving his looks/money/grades more than him? if you are, it's time to think wouldn't I rather be single than deal with him? the answer should be yes. is he rude to you? does he say things like "well you just aren't that smart enough" or "you could lose a few pounds"? does he make fun of your beliefs, or over step boundaries you have set for your relationship? does he take you away from your friends, give you the cold shoulder when you don't do what he wants to do? (controlling) if you can answer this to any of those, it's time to take a look into your relationship. are you afraid to bring him home, be with him in front of your friends, etc? do you spend more time in his room than talking about where your relationship is going? communicate! understand the reason for your relationship.... are you in it for the right reasons? you should know what his reasons are without having to ask.. especially if he is a nice talker.... he'll probably say something like " baby, you know i love you!" well, if he does, i suggest he prove it. do things without asking. stop criticizing you. guys are great, but you have to be on top of the situation.... Dasani water and Lemons!

Friday, March 19, 2010

So there was this quote...

there was this quote.... i cannot remember what it was... not for the life of me..... i just remember it was on someone's Facebook status and i loved it.... and that's all i can remember... i just remember it was so pertaining to where i was then- that it was almost considered inspirational. i want to pose you with a question: did you ever make a huge decision, know that your choice was the correct one, but a few months later think for a split second it was the wrong choice? Ehh yes I guess you could say that was me today. but always know that the choice was a good one... and dont go back on it! lol Butterfly Postits and Blackberries!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sick Days are Bad Days

So I was hoping to feel better today from Friday when I first got my lovely sore throat from my roomate when she was on the plane back from Brazil.... but we all realize that hope was ditched, because for the past two nights I have gotten maybe 7 hours of sleep. My teeth hurt, and my eyes. I had to crack open the Robitussin this morning so I could function without having to blow my nose every 2 minutes. I noticed something this weekend: as much as I miss having a boyfriend, boy do I not miss the hassles of dating. The "i have a problem with what you do but im not going to say anything" or the " i will break up with you after i get my valentine's present". For now, I stay a student. A few close friends, homework parties, hair, nail, and makeup experimenting, and the common boy problems. (we can revert back to my favorite line- "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them"- of course I don't live by this, it is just a healthy reminder that boys are only human and make mistakes ;) Of course what can you do? Tissues and Robitussin <3

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Average Day at School

So, for the most part, i start the day at 7:45. I guess I'm not your everyday college student, because I rarely get up 15 minutes before class. I like having time to check the news, my facebook, twitter, eat some Cheerios, and take a Zyrtec before I leave the dorm for the better part of the day... Then I have my nice little work study on campus to generate some minimum wage cash, my Psych and core classes, and of course the daily grind of finding something suitable but not too unhealthy to eat at the cafe.... Showering, and studying are the night time things. I'm not a nerd, but I do study- I guess I'm average smartness.... but if you ever need a sarcastic comment.... I am more than willing :) Yes, for now, i am living the "single ladies'" life.... go to the movies, mall, or dinner with my sisters or my besties.... This summer is the one I want to do something fun or interesting.... hopefully my internship at LifeWay Pregnancy center doesn't take up too much of my summer. lol