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Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Average Day at School

So, for the most part, i start the day at 7:45. I guess I'm not your everyday college student, because I rarely get up 15 minutes before class. I like having time to check the news, my facebook, twitter, eat some Cheerios, and take a Zyrtec before I leave the dorm for the better part of the day... Then I have my nice little work study on campus to generate some minimum wage cash, my Psych and core classes, and of course the daily grind of finding something suitable but not too unhealthy to eat at the cafe.... Showering, and studying are the night time things. I'm not a nerd, but I do study- I guess I'm average smartness.... but if you ever need a sarcastic comment.... I am more than willing :) Yes, for now, i am living the "single ladies'" life.... go to the movies, mall, or dinner with my sisters or my besties.... This summer is the one I want to do something fun or interesting.... hopefully my internship at LifeWay Pregnancy center doesn't take up too much of my summer. lol

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