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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog!

courtesy of Carrie Underwood <3
. i mean..... are you in a relationship that you are only in for the sake of "having someone" ? have your friends told you to ditch him, do you parents hate him, are you loving his looks/money/grades more than him? if you are, it's time to think wouldn't I rather be single than deal with him? the answer should be yes. is he rude to you? does he say things like "well you just aren't that smart enough" or "you could lose a few pounds"? does he make fun of your beliefs, or over step boundaries you have set for your relationship? does he take you away from your friends, give you the cold shoulder when you don't do what he wants to do? (controlling) if you can answer this to any of those, it's time to take a look into your relationship. are you afraid to bring him home, be with him in front of your friends, etc? do you spend more time in his room than talking about where your relationship is going? communicate! understand the reason for your relationship.... are you in it for the right reasons? you should know what his reasons are without having to ask.. especially if he is a nice talker.... he'll probably say something like " baby, you know i love you!" well, if he does, i suggest he prove it. do things without asking. stop criticizing you. guys are great, but you have to be on top of the situation.... Dasani water and Lemons!

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