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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sick Days are Bad Days

So I was hoping to feel better today from Friday when I first got my lovely sore throat from my roomate when she was on the plane back from Brazil.... but we all realize that hope was ditched, because for the past two nights I have gotten maybe 7 hours of sleep. My teeth hurt, and my eyes. I had to crack open the Robitussin this morning so I could function without having to blow my nose every 2 minutes. I noticed something this weekend: as much as I miss having a boyfriend, boy do I not miss the hassles of dating. The "i have a problem with what you do but im not going to say anything" or the " i will break up with you after i get my valentine's present". For now, I stay a student. A few close friends, homework parties, hair, nail, and makeup experimenting, and the common boy problems. (we can revert back to my favorite line- "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them"- of course I don't live by this, it is just a healthy reminder that boys are only human and make mistakes ;) Of course what can you do? Tissues and Robitussin <3

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