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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tomato Soup for the Pro-Acid Stomach

i had tomato soup today. just me. my sister and mum have very anti acidic stomachs. i also had the pleasure of entering in a contest for family traditions. that would be awesome to win. of course, many people also enter, and of course only one wins. i really should be studying for my heritage class. i just got back- ate some tacos, cleaned up, said goodbye, and am sitting here with my book, notes, study guide, and browser opened. sadly enough the browser hasn't developed a tab for "microsoft office" yet.... otherwise i could start replying to the magnitude of emails and things that pile up over the weekend. i was considering submitting a poem into "generation" the little school publication that is more of a contest... that takes place each spring. i would love to have a little something in there... even though the majority of entries that are chosen are good writers. of course, everyonce in a while- the average person's paper is picked to be printed into hundreds of copies and distributed to the student body. interesting? yes. i always wanted to be a writer. and here i am with my little piece of the web. it's not nearly as reputable as an actual published work; but someday i will have the time to write something interesting- thought provoking-invigorating and refreshing- for humanity to read. unfortunately, my time has not yet come. maybe the day will be tomorrow. maybe not until after i am dead and my biography can be written. if my life turns out to be something grand, that is. lol! enough of my rambling.... i need to study... and i'm sure some of you also must too. Crumpled Notes and Pencil Smudges <3

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