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Friday, October 29, 2010

Caffeine ....

it's practically snowing outside. it's freezing cold, with a light and airy mist coming from overhead. with the gloom of winter comes the wonderful smell of fresh brewing coffee to give you the little "boost" as a consolation for getting out of bed this morning :)

coffee beans came from arabia....but coffee was apparently being consumed by people in the early 1000

        Like those wonderful people who drank it daily.....
Of course, what we see most about those who are "coffee drinkers" is that they need a cup a day to make them more awake. If they miss that cup of joy in the morning, it may have an effect on the way they are for the day.

But we have to look at not just the wonders of coffee ingestion, but what makes coffee so valuable for those who crave it: this would be, of course, the caffeine.

Some people say coffee makes them sick.... this may be true, but it is also the high amounts of caffeine in the coffee type they drink. For instance, some people think that drinking Decaf has no caffeine at all. Wrong! It has about 4- 7 mg of caffeine.

Regular filtered coffee (not instant) has the most, with  200-250 mg of caffeine.

Health Topics on Caffeine   was the main source for this blog post. I encourage you to read it.

Also, be aware of the upcoming post about Four Loko....for those of you who are familiar with it!


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