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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wake up and smell.... the 6 month old McDonald's meal

Everyday we are out and about, something new comes our way. Maybe we subconsciously hear an ad for "the smoking new grilled chicken sandwich" that just happens to be served at a fast food joint not far from the building complex where you work.

Maybe you are just looking for a cheap meal that can keep the hunger bug quiet when you go into another meeting with the council or hit the road for a few hours' drive to deliver a package...

Either way, what we eat is going to have an effect on us.  

McDonald's 6 month Happy Meal was put out by a woman determined to win a bet.    The only difference 6 months  after putting the patty, bun, and fries out on her counter ? They became shriveled. Not a fuzzball of mold, nooooo. Just the simple shrinkage of the size of the food, almost looking as it it was dehydrated.

Of course [probably, i hope] filled with multiple "bad bacteria" by now, why on EARTH should we be eating this food?!

Normal food... this category extending from the organic foods we purchase to the "run of the mill" Giant Eagle or Piggly Wiggly or Food Lion patties.... would develop at least the horrid stench of rotting, decomposing food.
Why, oh why, do we not make the connection that McDonald's food, etc. is not only unhealthy but also unnatural? 
Check out   for the facts about McDonald's. I could go on and on, but the writers of this guide say it much better than I could.

Hoping for a healthier environment <3

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