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Monday, November 15, 2010

There is a Someone for Everyone

H e a d O v e r H e e l s
LoVe aT FiRsT SiGhT
You Had Me At Hello
you're beautiful
et. cetera...............................................................


out of all of the things in the world, i believe that there is one person for everyone. 

i do not believe it is "situational" ..... whatever that means.

and i don't believe in things being temporary.... if you are meant to be together- you will be together.

you know what they say.......... l o v e f i n d s a w a y

sometimes that love needs time to grow- sometimes you try to make a shoe fit when you know it doesn't.

sometimes you think there isn't anyone left to be with.... everyone is used, broken, or not for you- but out of 6 billion... or more... people in the world, i am telling you right now there is the perfect man out there for you.

if you are not H e a d O v e r H e e l s in love with someone 99% of the time- you shouldn't be with them.

if you find that you are not attracted to the person you are with- it is also time to reevaluate.

if he says "You'll never find anyone like me " "I have things no one else has" "We both know that you letting me go means you losing everything... and we dont want that to happen"
    then your response is:

' THANK GOD! I hope i never find someone like you again!"

if he starts reminding you of all the "nice" "thoughtful" things he has ever done, remind yourself it probably wasnt out of love that he is telling you.....

if he pulls out the "i have always loved you but ive been burned by girls before and i dont want it to happen so i dont want to say i love you first...."

you remember that is is the guy's job as the gentlemen to put a hand over the flame first....

if he doesn't get it-

you can tell him you are SINGLE.   and if he still wont leave you alone- ambush him with paint ball guns. no- i kid.

( unless you want to.... then be my guest :)

i guess this is food for thought..... take it or leave it.... pass it onto a friend mentioning the purple pen pal.....

keep holding out-- the brightest star is yet to shine <3

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