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Monday, November 22, 2010

As Sand Falls

As Sand Falls from the Hour Glass
I watch, half in awe- half in boredom
The end is incomprehensible,
But the time?.... it feels running short.
Sometimes the frame is frozen-
The Sand is corked.
But when it starts to fall again,
It leaves an empty feeling.
The glass may be half full,
But it can easily be felt as half empty,
Can it not be both
At the Same Time?
Can I know that the sand falls -
but one grain at a time,
and I learn something at the drop
of Each Grain?
Not one is wasted,
I have none to regret.
But everyone else's sand turns
Into the engulfing waters...
Mine keeps going-
it has yet to change for ever.
I wait to catch the right wave,
Waiting. . . still. . .
But i suppose there is some good
in proving the Patience of the Impatient
in being the Believer, the Optimist,
the Strong One, against the Mirage.
Nobility is commendable,
it feels Sensational in the day-
but in the Night that feeling of somewhat dolefulness
Creeps, Seeking to be repressed.
Training the mind to see only the good-
the Prevalence of optimism in my voice
Deep down i know is the art of Persuasion.
But whatever it takes to keep the happiness,
Reminding the crowd --
That there are enough stars in the sky...
Somehow, that is reassuring enough for me <3

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