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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness... or Lack There of!


My my... it has been forever since we have chatted... hasn't it? I have received a few emails, met a few people, and Catholic Match updates are few and far between. But with my recent exposure to unhappy people in the world... I wanted to ask you a question:

Can we be happy here?

I mean, I would love to think we live in a gum drop forest, but we do not. Unfortunately we can't live like birds with our heads in the sand. I know and fully understand ( to the best of my knowledge that is haha- which is little i assure you!) that we can't be totally and perfectly happy on earth.
BUT! but but but. we CAN be joyful in what we are given, and live every day finding something to be happy about, right?
If you are getting engaged- you would be happy. If you werent... I would have to say your marriage wouldnt be pleasant either! haha
If you were praying alot about something, or someone- and things worked out- wouldnt you be happy?

Can we not be happy with the little imperfect happinesses that life brings? or do we only stay joyful for the sake of our good fortune when work is canceled or we get an A on a quiz? I thought joy and happiness were related?

Next topic.

So, I was talking to a friend of mine, I do consider him a brother to me.... told me something that I thought was fascinating. Want to hear? of course you do!! One because i said my friend told me something... or because you are sick bored and want something to do. lol!
Well, ok- he told me that guys are lower in nature, i think he was equating them with animal like tendencies when it came to sexual desires.

Do you believe this?

Do all guys really not care who you are or what you are... they only want the "final chapter" so to speak ....?

I dont believe it. I think it is a bunch of ridiculousness concocted as an excuse for when guys decide to let go of their inhibitions and do things that are supposed to not be done.

But that is my point, taking it or leaving it wont make me feel happy or sad.

Ill give you one more thing to think about:

My one acquaintance asked me something yesterday-

What is love to me?

I wasnt prepared to answer that- But i want to also ask you what you think before i rant about my own thoughts. :)

I will be posting some comments to my past posts I was emailed, and hopefully we can make clear some things that seem to be miss communicated =]

peace, love, and huge-swirly-lollipops,

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