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Friday, January 14, 2011

One of those curious little chain things...


IN 2010 DID YOU...

1. Have A Best Friend?
Yes! :)

2. Gain/Lose Any Best Friends?
I dont consider a best friend someone who talks behind your back.. so nope! i didn't lose any best friends :)

3. Start A Relationship?

4. End A Relationship?
Yes, that too

5. Meet Anyone New?
Of course!

6. ...Anyone Great?

Everyone is great in their own way so yes!

7. ...Anyone Terrible?
No way!

8. ...Anyone That Changed Your Life?
Ummm not particularly....

9. Fall Out Of Touch With Anyone?
Yes, probably

10. Get Closer To Anyone New?
No i dont think so...

11. Find Out Who Your True Friends Were?
Yes, as usual lol

12. Take The Next Step In A Relationship?

13. Break A Heart?
I guess i did... but i didnt try to.

14. Have Your Heart Broken?
Sort of... but not really at the same time lol!

15. Disappoint Someone Close?
No Im glad i didnt!

16. Lose Anyone Close?
Family friends, yes.

17. Break A Promise To Someone?

I dont think so...

18. Miss Anyone?
Yes :)

19. Have Anyone Miss You?
Besides my family? im not sure, probably not! haha

20. What Are Your Relationship Plans For 2011?
All the Single Ladies! ( If you like it... put a ring on ittttt :)


1. How Did You Spend Your Birthday?
At School- class...

2. Did You Have A Valentine?
Nope. But my dog loves meee

3. How Did You Spend Spring Break?
Dyed my hair, got some bangs, and had some wine :)

4. Did The Easter Bunny Visit You?
Well yes he did!

5. What Did You Do For The 4th Of July?
My family had a party and friends came over!

6. How Did You Spend Columbus Day?
Gosh i have no idea!

7. What Did You Do To Celebrate Halloween?
I dressed up and went about the town :)
 8. How Many Thanksgiving Dinners Did You Attend?
One- mine!

9. What Was Your Favorite Christmas Gift?
My new iPod... or sockmonkey... or karaokee machine!

10. How Do You Plan To Spend New Years?
I spent it at my house!

LIFE 2010

IN 2010 DID YOU...

1. Do Well In School/At Work?
I think so?

2. Get A Tattoo?
No ooooo

3. Get Something Pierced?

4. Move?

5. Get Sick?
Once or twice..

6. Become A Parent?
HAHA no no no

7. Change Up Your Style?
I dont think so...

8. See Any Band/Artists Live?
Goo Goo Dolls and the Spill Canvas

9. Do Something You Regret?

10. Cry Yourself To Sleep?
Once i think?

11. Break A Promise?
No i dont think so..

12. Lie?

13. Hide A Secret?

14. Sleep Under The Stars?
No :(

15. Learn Something New About Yourself?
Yes :)

16. Try Something New?
Yes :)

17. Stay Up Over 24 Hours?
No way

18. Go On Vacation?
Sadly, no !

19. Change?

20. Will You Change In 2011?
Im sure I will



1. Movie

2. Beverage
Water or Kefir 

3. Song
Song? too many!

4. Color

5. Band/Artist
i dont know that one...

6. TV Show
Criminal Minds!

7. Class
Uhhhhh Research Methods? Maybe? ? ?

8. Month
thats hard... i dont know!

9. Food

10. Memory

WRAP UP 2010

Was 2010 A Good Year?
Yes :)

Best Part Of 2010
That's tough! my internship ?

Worst Part Of 2010?
My dad losing his job :'(

Do You Think 2011 Will Top 2010?
YES! I hope!

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