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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

on the narrow path

i remember once upon a time
not so long before-
this feeling of crossroading
i could take no more

i could not walk the lonely road
guided without the sun-
i felt as if i were blind
with no where to run.

the rocks felt rough
the wind? it whipped my face
i shouldn't endure this alone!-
as i seek someone's embrace.

i was told to start the road
meeting strangers along the way
however hard it was- i was
Told to continue every day.

the road has not gotten easier
But the clouds will someday clear
i feel like my Father is watching
His presence, very near.

just about to give in
and turn from off this path
i feel a light, a warmth, a care
my soul, it seems to laugh.

a little nudge, a little push
nothing short of grace
i have the perseverance 
Now to continue on this way.

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