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Sunday, January 16, 2011

If it's not like the movies- is that how it should be?

Katy Perry says it all in her new song "Not Like the Movies." 

"...they say you know when you know..."
Do you really believe that people trick themselves into believing someone isn't for them because of various reasons? Do people think they know what they want but really they don't after all?
"...when he's the one i'll come undone, and my world will stop spinning..."
Doesn't the infatuation make this happen? I don't know. Does you world stand still sometimes when you know he or she is there with you? I think it would. Maybe you will fight, but they could also be the one to-
"...finish all your sentences..."
So, does some cupid shoot you bloody and let you know it's your turn to finish a sentence, a thought, or a whispered dream?   Or does this happen through growing together with someone, learning all about them, and figuring out who they really are? 
"...someday my prince will come..."
So, what does this mean? We all have some gorgeous creature waiting in a corridor for us? mmmmi i think no. I mean, someday is a long day- or a short day. It doesn't (hardly ever ) mean today. But if it never means today....and it never means yesterday [of course]...then it must be tomorrow- but tomorrow is forever tomorrow..... we cant rely on someday.
"...cinematic and dramatic.."
When you meet him.... when you meet her.... it's going to be just like the movies. you will have those moments were you are in awe of each other, and nothing in the whole world matters. 

and that, my dear friend, is a fact of life.   
             muah! xoxo

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