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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3rd: National Sandwich Day

Sandwiches can be fun!

Sandwiches can be for serious..

 For those of you who did not know, today is National Sandwich Day!

In honor of this interestingly yummy day to celebrate our first "food of convenience," i want to give you some sweet sandwich facts!

Sandwich Facts:

1. The most expensive sandwich in the world is at Berkshire, England- $197 (or 100 euros), this sandwich can only be purchased in all of it's Iberico hammed- white truffled- poulet de Bresset- quail eggs- Italian tomatoed- layered on Sourdough bread- glory from Cliveden's Waldo Resturant in Berkshire. This was destined to be the top 5 star hotel club sandwich.... and boy is it ever!

2. Subway, working through over 16,000 sandwich shops in over 70 countries, uses over 60 million.... yes MILLION pounds of lunchmeat every single year. But is this really alot- considering there are approximately 2 million (2,000,000) different sandwich combos you can make from the menu?

3.Quizno's Large Tuna Melt is possibly one of the most caloric sandwiches - at 1740 calories,  135 grams of fat. A little on sandwich now and then tastes fabulous, but slapping more than a cup of this stuff on your bread, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles is sure to discredit the good of the otherwise healthy meal!

4. Sweden has a sandwich unlike any other....the "Smorgastarta" has over 10 sandwich ingredients, and is eaten like a dessert! Fresh White Bread makes the base, with an creamy egg and mayo to separate the many layers. Shrimp, Ham, Caviar, Olives, Salmon, Eggplant, Swiss Cheese, Cucumber, Salami, Tomatoes, etc. The more "traditional" recipe calls for seafood, however many other ingredients can be used.

and when it is molded to perfection, and topped with some cold shrimp and caviar, it is cut as a cake would be- served with a white wine or beer. It almost looks too pretty to eat!

Sandwiches can be for kids.

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