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Friday, November 5, 2010

Proper Presentation Means so MUCH

people and body weight is a touchy subject- and much effort is done to exploit those who are above the "norm" by offering Wii Fit games that show a frowning Mii if you are overweight, or have not very good coordination (which i can assure you I don't have good coordination all the time! HAHA)
these are the same people who post blogs, opinions in the paper, and create stories for useless rag mags about people that are under the "norm".      I know before this used to fall mainly on teens and adults who felt (many times without reason) their body was not right for what clothes were being shown, or reflecting a comment their idol said on yesterday's MTV [garbage] show. 
Well, the 13 year olds and up are not the only ones who have poor self esteem and body issues planted..... now it is happening to the children young enough to eat.

You may say "Well DUH! That has already been happening for years now. We all know this."  but what you do not realize is that San Francisco is using McDonald's Happy Meals to enforce the "healthy eating agenda"

Let me explain:

According to the LA Times

          "A Happy Meal containing a cheeseburger, small order of french fries, and a Sprite racks up 640 calories"

Obviously, there are ways for McDonalds to fix up their griddle and grease rack loving menu.... adding fruit, water or a light juice, etc. can cut down from 640 calories to somewhere in the 500 range ( i am approximating here)....

i.e.    Helping children make good food choices
rather than
         Helping fight obesity in children

will be much more well received. obviously people cannot tell you what to eat or what to do for your child, but in my opinion, if fruits and veggies are being made more available and chain fast foods like McDonald's - support it!  Of course the ideal is not go there at all- but at least in 2011 you'll be able to go to San Francisco and get some crispy CARROTS and a juicy APPLE.... instead of fries and a double burger all the time. 

Do not let this become something to "fight obesity" ..... okay everyone knows what that word means, and it is not a pretty word to say. "good food choices" makes a much better message.

The focus shouldn't be on body image..... if they want to save money- get rid of the stupid toys all together! and put it towards better quality. 

My stand? yes. take this for what you will. However, i do believe that we have more important things to be doing other than worrying about children's toys... at least improve the quality of that food. 

THAT will be a good choice, for family, and food


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