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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I think we should all take note of this, Eh?

Yes, I read fashion magazines. No, they have not made me go into a frenzied eating disorder. I cannot fault those girls and guys that it has made them put their own bodies into question. I like what Canada has started doing, and wish I could do something to impress upon our magazines that being thin is not always being in......... they see from "novelty media coverage" what is happening... Dove soap makes a program to make girls feel beautiful. Tyra Banks also has [or seemed to] make it something of priority in her life to help girls. 
This is dandy. Just peachy.......

But it NEEDS to continue down the line, people! The fashion world usually dictates to us what we should want and how we should wear it. Why can we not dictate what we want to see?!?!?

I will be honest with you. I am a size 7- as general sizes run. I went to Hollister to return a size 7 skinny jeans. The size 1 shelf was at my eye level, the size 3 and 5 just a shelf up, and allllll the way at the tippy top-- high enough up the stock girl had to get me a stool-- were the size 12 jeans. There is n o t h i n g [!] wrong with this size! But the fact I had to go up so many sizes to get a pair that would fit was ridiculous, and made me slightly self conscious ( yes i am admitting that). And you know what? even after the jeans were brought down and I tried them on, the waist was too big and didn't fit me anyways. Can you say lost cause? uh hu.

So, here is the little article on the Canadian clothes line that is against doing touch ups on their models post shoot for your consideration:

Concealer and Blush <3

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