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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Guilty Pleasures of Cool Weather

We all have it.

The desire to whip out the cashmere sweater with the leggings and booties.

Or what about those skinny jeans, with the adorable flats and that slouchy shirt with the statement necklace?

Fall is leading the way for some sweet winter trends. I have some favorites... but expensive ones-- they are!

So i'll post links to the purses, jackets, and shoes i wouldn't mind having in my dream winter wardrobe!

The Burberry in Grey Tote Bag got my attention! As a college student, i always need totes! and this one (although around $650) is fantastic!

Marc Jacobs also has some interesting shoes... beside the flats that are embellished to look like mouse faces, I preferred the Card Playing Flatts  that have a whimsical side, while being very cute and preppy!

Besides the flats? How about this gorgeously elegant version of the Little Black Winter Dress!  The square but higher neckline proves sophisticated, while the sleeveless arms led valuable to the breath-ability.

Chanel has the perfect Signature Earrings with a dainty glass pearl to add to the features of the diamond studded double "C" posts.

Another piece I thought was excellent was the Draped Necklace- complemented with agate pearls and rock crystals.

Of course, There are always bags to match! This Oversized Tote with Interlaced Chains is completely engulfed in a bed of gray/black/ and creme fur!  The "Tweed and Fantasy Fur" Small Tote may be more of a economical venue, however.

Dolce and Gabbana have some beautiful and fun Leopard Print Flats!

They also have Leather Gloves that are in Steel Grey or Dark Brown.  Perfect!


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