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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

freaky stuff for Fun.... or for serious?  

I am not sure how "good" all the material on this site is. Vigilant Citizen may be viewed as some to be an over the top thinker who just wants to crush the FreeMasons. However, the article I have provided the link for is well written and useful to opening up the eyes of the American people especially.

His articles have featured: government landmarks, Beyonce, President Obama, President Bush, Lady Gaga, J-Pop (japanese pop), Disney, conspiracy theories, et cetera.

Some of it may seem unreal, too much to handle, or just not believable by any stretch of the imagination. But, there is some truths to be found within Vigilant Citizen's articles.

I encourage you to browse around, checking out some of the interesting Pop Culture icons that he discusses... and the scary similiarties between ancient occult symbols and currently popular world agendas.


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