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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh 4-H... How I HATE thee!

I hate my 4-H club. The club i was particularly involved in was very aristocratic....a few family members were leaders. And, conveniently enough, their daughter was a critical, fair weather friend/fellow rider. I swear she was only your friend if you were doing worse than her in something. lol! But this time, although i am above the age of 4-H, i am not too old to state my opinion. This so happened to be in my Agricultural Club. One leader in particular had obviously little to no sympathy when it came to us not having our project books turned in on time. When your baby brother is in the hospital during fair week for seizures, and you Grandfather is dying of cancer, and your child is moving into college...soooo sorry. But 4-H was the last thing on my family's mind. Soo they wanted my siblings to write a paragraph about my brother's illness. Well, since they each come from the same household, wouldn't the story be the same? Duh. Besides, what do they want it to say? " To Whom this is None of Your Business, My Baby Brother, at 6 months old, was very sick with seizures, and taken on emergency to Children's. He would stop making contact, and cry. He also had to be on special meds from Canada in hopes that this would make him better. It was a very stressful time for my family, with my Grandfather being on his deathbed with cancer in his brain for the last 3 months. Sorry we didn't make it to the fair, or turn in the same books we have had to fill in the blanks to for 6 years now... but we had some other TRIVIAL events going on in our family that SEEMED more important than your stuffy, clique-y , and utterly stupid club. Most Respectfully, Me." yeahhh they wouldn't want to see me back. I have went from a fairly "whatever" person- to one who speaks up when something isn't right. And this, dear readers, wasn't right in my eyes. until later, me

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