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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Humor of a Dating Website always gets me!

Yes, i have received NUMEROUS emails for "Black Singles. com - Meet hot singles in your area today!" and "Match1- Find the Love of your Life" and "All Singles- Join today and meet others like your self " -----------omg it gets soo old! I really think going to a different school would have helped. Sure, i have learned tolerance from being here.... but there is still something that is missing.... You have the extremes- Lovers and Haters- it's almost a highschool setting.... Black People usually sit and eat together- the almost-monks-but-not-yet guys eat together- the runners eat together- the little cliques of people only eat with "their" people- etc .etc. But i think i should have transferred when I had the chance. I really do. Or maybe instead of doing something dumb with my summers, i should have gone to Catholic Family Land or something... where people actually meet other people of the same faith, or maybe the problem is me.... i really couldn't say for sure. Sitting and looking back- i guess you could say that through highschool i never really had any friends.... i had acquaintances....but that is different and when girls are clique-y, then i guess that's what you get! lol! what can i say? i used to think it was because i wasn't very pretty and that's why i wasn't ever one of the popular ones... now, looking at where they are.... regardless of myself.... im so SO glad im not them! i was kind of shy, kind of outgoing.... but i've learned to be more outgoing- laughing off my shyness or finding commonalities to chat about... i always knew what i wanted, i go to school- those things stay the same because that is what i know i should want, but in the end i know. i know what i should want is, in fact, what i do want. and i think that does it for now. happy hopes and vera wang- <3

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