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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm just as decisive as Charlie Brown.

Hello- I suppose it should be goodnight, actually. I'm not sure why i choose to write out this as if im talking to someone... i blocked these so i could use it as a personal diary; it is so much nicer than rambling to people... it also helps get thoughts straightened out before you talk lol In the course of this week, I have been politely told that: 1) I am intimidating to guys because I am outgoing. 2) That I have too high of standards. 3) That I could have a boyfriend if I really wanted to. Well, i am here to let you all know three things which I am not going to tell you politely: 1) If you are intimidated by me, there's the door. 2) If my standards are too high, yours must be too low- or you are desperate. 3) You are completely right. I could have a boyfriend if I wanted to. But I am not the flirt and flight- I am looking for the complete package. I will make a short disclaimer about myself: "Hi! and thank you for wanting to date me. I appreciate your flirtatious attitude and your pretending to care anything about me, but i need to warn you of somethings. I do not offer sex for free or payment-you need to marry me for that. My lips are untouched- you need to marry me for that too. No you are not allowed to take naps with me- i will send my dog after you if you try. No, I have not had thousands of boyfriends- but being mine is a rigorous process and contest. Many will enter, Few will attempt, one will win. Thanks for playing the Dating game and good luck!" I am well aware that the idea of being chaste is a hard enough pill to swallow for most guys... i can admit it is difficult for me sometimes too. HOWEVER .........quite frankly, i dont care :) Not many guys have gotten to the point of asking me out, because once they find out alittle more about me and what i dont do- they run. i laugh :) It definitely makes the weeding out process easier.... i mean, that eliminates most of the male population when you start talking about no naps- but no kissing on the lips? well, that is how i know the man needs an award just for trying :) hahaha ok im done . enough of me for now! heart shaped candies <3

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