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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Being the Best

There was a girl who was getting an injury taken care of. The doctor told her of course she would live, but she would probably carry a scar for her life. The doctor did tell her to be careful, as the scar would need to heal properly in order not to become infected.  She understood.
The next month, the girl came back to the doctor. She thought her injury had healed...but it did not heal ninety nine percent like it should have... and yet she came back with not one but two injuries. The doctor gave her a new warning after giving her the tools to fix herself. She understood and left again....

What does this mean to you? hmm? Of course it seems like a stupid and repetitive story... One that makes no sense, that you wasted time reading. but did you?

If the girl would have given her heart break a chance to heal, she would not have broken it so soon again. Because not having the first wound heal, then making another one, only makes it harder in the end.
The injury happens. Someone breaks up at least once everyday.
Hearts can heal. For every heart that is broken in a dayy at least one more heart is healed or pieced back together.
But, if you cannot give yourself enough time to allow that to happen... even though it can be IMMENSELY DIFFICULT AND STRENUOUS.... even requiring PATIENCE and SELF CONTROL.... I know you can do it.

You, yes you right here reading this at the coffee shop, bookstore, bedroom, dormroom, kitchen table while eating soggy cereal,  or beach house... you can overcome this. With time you will be back to normal.

Your tools are your friends.... your family.... your animals.... your occasional credit card use for hair/nails and or shopping sprees for that new wardrobe you know you'll look like a knockout in....

Let your other who isnt any longer... let them miss you. Obvs they didnt deserve you.

Or, be bad and go where they go after a breakup....... wear your best.... and make the jealous ;D for what they lost............ *THEN* let your heart fix itself up

chocolate and band-aids <3

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