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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Better to have a Stand then sell lemonade from the porch

when you have lemonade, you put up a stand to say "this is my stand, this is what i charge" but if you don't have a stand, then you have to sell it from the porch, which means it's not really your stand, it's part of your family's too. eventually, life challenges you to form your own ideas and opinions. these ideas and opinions may be what your family believes, like most of mine. however, the key to having the "stand" in life is knowing where your opinions and ideas derive from, and the other side. If you ever need to defend your position, you need to know where the other person is coming from; because it will make the situation easier when you know the offense. but, if you choose not to look deeper into the major situations going on- and the sides it can go- then you really dont have a stand in life. you are on your mother's and father's porch, trying to sell your lemonade. just food for thought :)

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